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New York Deli Food from a True “Jersey Guy”

Livingston, New Jersey…. if there was ever a Mayberry, this was it.  Born in 1958, most of my memories growing up revolved around food from as far back as I can remember….  Sunday mornings with Dad at Tabatchnicks picking up  deli and my father poking me in the arm urging me to watch the old guy, which has now become me, behind the fish counter hand slice the nova so thin you could see through it….I also remember sitting next to the bread slicer in eager anticipation so that when they sliced a rye bread, one of the counter men would give me the heel to nibble on (It was probably to shut me up!). As a kid, what could be better?

The stories and childhood memories are endless, but from New Jersey’s finest delis to the Carnegie Deli and Katz’s Delicatessen in New York, and let’s not forget Wolfie Cohens Rascal House in Miami, I studied in all of the great delicatessen institutions. My only diploma is this restaurant and my unwavering commitment to being as true to my roots as possible. I hope it is evident in the style, taste & presentation of my food.

Over the years, I remember sitting in many of the places that have influenced me to my core and thought how lucky those guys were to work there and to be part of it. I just never thought about the cleaning up part!  My childhood dream has come true, and I thank you for being a part of it.  I truly appreciate your business & hope you agree with me that “Memories never tasted so good!”

Jeff Goldberg, 22 Ridgewood Drive, Livingston, NJ 07039 (201) 992-3762

Memories Never Tasted So Good!

I'm a die hard Jersey girl born and raised. My hometown is North Caldwell, a skip away from Livingston. I have to say, in the four years I have been in Hampton Roads, Route 58 is the closest thing to home I have here. Completely and perfectly authentic! Thank you!
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