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Mile High Sandwiches and Platters.

The motto of the 58 Deli is:

If You Finish … We Made a Mistake.

We serve corned beef and pastrami the way it was meant to be. Sliced HOT from our steambox and piled high on crusty rye bread. Our turkey tastes like it was carved right off the bone, and our roast beef is seasoned just right and served rare!

At the 58 Deli, we also serve knishes from the World Famous Carnegie Deli, along with their full line of desserts. Our smoked fish is from Brooklyn and we serve center-cut NOVA, salty lox, white fish, baked salmon and the feast goes on and on!

So while the other guys are cutting back … the 58 Deli keeps piling it on!!

Come see what’s for lunch and dinner at the 58 Deli!

Noshes & Nibbles

  • Chopped Liver Appetizer - Served with tomato, onion, rye bread or crackers. $9.99
  • Stuffed Cabbage Roll - Served with rye bread & butter. $6.99
  • Blintzes - Two to an order…strawberry, blueberry or cherry. $7.99
  • Stuffed Derma - Served with brown gravy, rye bread. $9.99
  • Homemade Potato Pancakes - Served with sour cream and applesauce. $8.99

Knishes – The Classics!

  • Potato Knish - Whipped potatoes, onion and seasoning baked in pastry dough. $7.99
  • Kasha Knish - Kasha is barley sautéed with onion and seasoning and is baked in pastry dough – one bite will take you back 30 years. $8.99
  • Super Reuben Knish - Potato knish topped with corned beef and pastrami with sauerkraut and melted Swiss $21.99

Knish Toppers

  • Corned Beef – $16.99
  • Pastrami – $16.99
  • Brisket & Brown Gravy – $16.99
  • Turkey & Brown Gravy – $16.99

Soups and Salads


  • Homemade Matzo Ball Soup – “It may not cure all..but it couldn’t hurt!”
    Cup $4.99 Bowl $6.99
  • Homemade Soup (Varies each day)
    Cup $4.99 Bowl $5.99
  • Soup by the quart &8.99


Dressings: Ranch, Russian, Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Feta Greek, Caesar and Oil & Vinegar

  • New York Chef Salad - Turkey, ham, roast beef, Swiss, and hardboiled egg. $14.99
  • Jimmy “The Greek” Salad - This salad really pays off. Topped with feta cheese, cucumber, red onion, tomato olives and Feta Greek vinaigrette.  Small $7.99 Large$12.99
  • Tossed Salad - Lettuce, tomato, onion and cucumber. $6.99
  • Caesar Salad – with homemade garlic croutons. Small $7.99 Large $12.99
    Add Tuna, Chicken or Egg Salad $3.99
  •  Add grilled Chicken to any salad $4.99

Mile High Sandwiches


  • The Best Reuben in Hampton Roads! Grilled rye bread, melted Swiss, sauerkraut & homemade Russian dressing. (Corned Beef – Pastrami – Turkey). $17.99
  • The Super Reuben – If you finish, we made a mistake! Corned Beef & Pastrami. $18.99
  • The Rudy Reuben – corned beef, pastrami, & cole slaw. $18.99
  • Reuben Strudel – corned beef and pastrami, melted Swiss and sauerkraut, baked in a pastry dough. $17.99
  • Reuben Twins – potato pancakes, served Reuben style. $17.99
  • Reuben Dogs – 2 Sabrett hotdogs, topped Reuben style. $14.99
  • The Open Faced Reuben. This is the traditional way to serve a Reuben. Layers of corned beef, pastrami, turkey or any combination topped with a mound of sauerkraut and melted Swiss. $19.99 All 3 meats $21.99
  • The Mighty Reuben Burger*. This should get us on TV! Yes fries come with it! The price is $18.99… and we dare you to finish the whole thing.
  • Reuben Fries - Topped with chopped corned beef, pastrami, sauerkraut & melted Swiss. Small $12.99 Large $16.99

Super Sized Sandwiches

Bread: New York Rye, Onion Pocket, Challah Roll or Whole Wheat
Cheese: Swiss, Cheddar, American, Provolone or “Eddie” Muenster $.99
Any sandwich grilled $1.00
Extra Lean $1.00

  • Hot Corned Beef - We cook our own everyday! $15.99
    Add cole slaw and Russian Dressing. $17.49
  • Hot Corned Beef and Pastrami Combo. $17.99
  • Hot Pastrami - A little spicy and always moist. $15.99
    Add cole slaw and Russian dressing $17.49
  • Brisket of Beef. $17.99
  • Roasted Turkey. $15.99
    Add cole slaw & Russian dressing. $17.49
    Turkey & Hot Pastrami. $17.99
    Turkey, Bacon & Cheddar. $17.99
    Roast Beef - Cooked in house and yes, it’s rare! $15.99
    Add cole slaw and Russian dressing. $17.49
  • Tongue - Center cut or tip. We can warm it if you like. $19.99
  • Ham & Swiss. $14.99
  • Kosher Salami. $14.99
  • Chopped Liver - The flavor is in the schmaltz (chicken fat). $12.99
    Add a scoop to any sandwich $2.99
  • Solid White Albacore Tuna Fish - The best tuna money can buy… Albacore tuna fish, mayo, celery and that’s it. $12.99
  • Chicken Salad - It’s so good because it’s so simple! Celery, kosher salt, pepper & mayo. $12.99
  • Egg Salad - Eggs, mayo & salt. $9.99
    With bacon. $10.99


Choose a smaller version of several our most popular larger sandwiches! And it’s still a full-sized sandwich, just half of what we normally put on it!!

  • Smaller Pastrami $12.99
  • Smaller Corned Beef $12.99
  • Smaller Corned Beef & Pastrami Combo $14.99
  • Smaller Brisket $14.99
  • Smaller Turkey$12.99
  • Smaller Turkey & Pastrami $14.99
  • Smaller Turkey, Bacon $ Cheddar $14.99
  • Smaller Rare Roast Beef $12.99
  • Smaller Tongue $16.99
  • Smaller Salami $11.99
  • Smaller Ham & Swiss $11.99

Add cheese $1.00     Extra lean meat $1.00     Add lettuce & tomato $1.00



Triple D

This is a Triple Decker served on rye only with a layer of roast beef, turkey, cole slaw, Russian dressing and corned beef .$19.99




Mile High Club Sandwiches

All clubs served with potato salad, cole slaw, or macaroni salad. Sub fries $2.49(Membership does have its privileges.)

  • #1 B.L.T. The classic done the 58 way! It’s a triple decker and it’s all about the bacon. $16.99
  • #2 All American. Turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato, lots of bacon and mayo$17.99
  • #3 The Turk. All turkey, lettuce, tomato, lots of bacon and mayo. $17.99
  • #4 Chicken Salad B.L.T. Chicken salad, bacon, lettuce, tomato. $16.99

Upgrade to first class, add a layer of cheese $.99

The USS Sailor

Your choice of Corned Beef, Pastrami, or both on rye bread topped with a split Knockwurst and Swiss. Anchors away! $18.99

Twin Spin

Two onion rolls filled with any meat or salad with potato salad, cole slaw, or macaroni salad.

  • Two can dine for $21.99
  • Add cheese $1.00
  • Add Lettuce & Tomato $1.00

Classic American Grilled Cheese

  • Grilled American Cheese $6.25
  • With Tomato $6.75
  • With Bacon & Tomato $7.50
  • With Ham $6.99
  • With Taylor Pork Roll $7.99
  • Served with chips or substitute fries $2.49

Sabrett Hot Dogs and Knockwurst

  • Deli Dogs - 2 hot dogs covered with chopped corned beef & pastrami. Served with cole slaw, pasta salad or potato salad. $12.99
    Substitute fries $2.00
  • Hot Dog - Our all beef natural casing. Dogs are longer then our buns! $3.99
    Top it With: Sabrett Red Onion Sauce, mustard, onion, chili, relish, cole slaw or kraut
  • 2 Knockwurst - (specials) served grilled or boiled with baked beans or crinkle cut fries, rye bread and butter. $14.99
  • The “Dumbrowski” - 2 hot dogs, crinkle cut fries, and a Dr. Brown’s soda. $13.99
  • Seymour’s Old Fashioned Pastrami Dogs $10.99

Muenster Size Portions

  • The Open Faced Reuben - This is the traditional way to serve a Reuben. Layers of corned beef, pastrami, turkey or any combination topped with a mound of sauerkraut and melted Swiss. $19.99 Choose all 3 meats $21.99
  • Philly Style Open Faced - Layers of corned beef, pastrami, turkey or any combination covered with creamy cole slaw and homemade Russian dressing. $19.99 Choose all 3 meats for $21.99
  • Open Faced Tuna - Grilled rye, tuna, and melted cheese (Jeff’s Tip: Go with the Muenster cheese). $15.99
  • **Add bread to the bottom for a buck!

Diner Dishes

  • Benny’s Beef Brisket Platter - Brisket topped with brown gravy, two potato pancakes, rye bread and butter. $21.99
  • Stuffed Cabbage Rolls - served with rye bread and butter. $14.99
  • Oscar’s Garbage Bowl - Hot roast beef, turkey or beef brisket served with grilled onions topped with a mound of crinkle cut fries and smothered in brown gravy. (It’s a Jersey thing. Must we analyze everything?) $19.99 Choose all 3 meats for $21.99


Char-Grilled Burgers

We don’t do anything small… Served with lettuce, tomato, onion, crinkle cut fries & pickle.

  • Cheeseburger Deluxe* – Served with lettuce, tomato & onion. $14.99
    With bacon $16.99
  • The 58 Pastrami Burger* - Full 1lb. pastrami burger topped with melted Swiss. $17.99
  • Classic Patty Melt* - Grilled rye, American cheese & grilled onions. $14.99
  • The Mighty Reuben Burger* - Look at it…What more do you need to know?? Yes, fries come with it! The price is $18.99… and we dare you to finish the whole thing.


Chicken Shack

Served with lettuce, tomato, onion, crinkle cut fries and a pickle.

  • Grilled Chicken Breast. $13.99
  • Grilled Chicken Breast B.L.T. $15.99
  • Basket of Chicken Tenders & fries. $10.99

Smoked Fish From New York

All platters include tomato, onion, cucumber, olives, bagel and your choice of plain or scallion cream cheese.

  • Nova Platter. $15.99
  • Salty lox Platter. $15.99
  • Whitefish (Piece) Platter. $16.99
  • Whitefish Salad Platter. $14.99

Smoked Fish Sandwiches – served on a bagel

  • Nova. $12.99
  • Salty Lox. $12.99
  • Whitefish Salad. $10.99

Bagel with Cream Cheese. $2.99
Bagel with Scallion Cream Cheese. $3.25

58 Deli Meat Platters – Corned Beef, Pastrami, Turkey or Roast Beef

Served with potato salad, cole slaw or pasta salad, with rye bread. Mix & match any meats or salads (3 choices). $21.99

The Kid’s Corner

All kid’s meals are served with milk or a fountain drink, chips or applesauce, and a black & white cookie. $6.99

  • Grilled Cheese
  • Hot Dog
  • Chicken Tenders
  • Small Turkey or Pastrami Sandwich


  • Potato Salad. $2.99
  • Cole Slaw. $2.99
  • Pasta Salad. $2.99
  • Barrel Cured Kraut. $1.99
  • Pickled Tomatoes. $1.99
  • Baked Beans. $3.99
  • Potato Pancakes. $7.99

Let’s Get Fried

  • Basket of Crinkle Cut Fries $4.99
  • Jersey Gravy Fries  Single order $6.99 Double order $8.99
  • Cheese Fries  Single order $6.99 Double order $8.99
  • Bacon Cheese Fries  Single order $7.99 Double order$9.99
  • Chili Cheese Fries Single order $7.99 Double order $9.99
  • Disco Fries - Brown gravy & melted provolone Single order $7.99 Double order $9.99
  • Reuben Fries - Topped with chopped corned beef, pastrami, sauerkraut & melted Swiss Single order $12.99 Double order $16.99
  • Jumbo Onion Rings (6) $6.99 (12) $12.99

* Contains (or may contain) raw or under cooked ingredients

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