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We welcome our customers and fans to leave comments about our food, our Deli, our Virginia Beach catering services, and your whole experience with Route 58 Delicatessen.

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Chris Coureas

I have just read, with great sadness, of the closing of the Stage Deli in NYC. I have been frequenting NY Delis since the early 70’s and most especially when I lived in New York 1986-1997 (my Jewish law school roommate always called me “The most Jewish goy I’ve ever known” – a moniker I carry with great pride). The last great Jewish Deli in this area (Melvin’s at Ward’s Corner in Norfolk closed in the 70’s). In New York, Katz’s on Houston St. in New York will always be my favorite but, The Stage was my choice when I was “in the mood” uptown. Nevertheless, my New York Deli wistfulness prompted me to write an homage to “Route 58” and the FANTASTIC job you do. I have NEVER been disappointed. As a “Jewish Deli” Route 58 is without peer between Miami and NYC (and believe me, I have tried MANY). The meats are top quality AND quantity and every sandwich is a pure delight (my favorites are the “Super Reuben” and the “USS Sailor”) but EVERYTHING else too…wonderful matzo ball soup (light airy matzo balls and rich broth), stuffed cabbage rolls (OMG, my Grandmother was Italian but had a recipe from a Jewish friend – yours are [forgive me Nana] just as good), the brisket platter with potato pancakes is a  Klezmer Hora on a plate and we ALWAYS order a 2 pound container of chopped liver for all of our family holidays (this Thanksgiving was no exception). Damn, I think I may have to get in there for lunch before the week is out as my mouth is schvitsing. Keep it up, you and your staff are OUTSTANDING!

Jim & Lucy Farrell
Comfort Food Lives @ the Rt 58 Deli!!

Loren McCutcheon
Spinach knish and pickled green tomatoes? All I can say is DELISH! Made my visit home just perfect. And a big fat THANK YOU to the waitress for answering all our questions and bringing us a sample. She was fantastic and so was the tongue!!! You guys will be a regular nosh on our visits home from now on.

Sean Williams
Come with hunger, leave with smile, satisfaction, and leftovers.

Stephanie Mumford
The best pastrami ever! It’s the only place I go to get my fix!